Nighty Nightmare here...

Welcome to my realm. Pull up a tombstone and stay awhile... Stay SCARED, that is! (Maniacal laughter ensues) Nighty has so much to share with those nearly departed souls who choose to pay her a visit. Pay the screams no never-mind- tis only the minions having a bit of  fun... Ahh... Nighty is giddy with devious delight! Be you faint of heart? Better yet! That's right my dear Playfellows, the games have only just begun!

Horror and fear reign in Nighty's Playground...

Nighty can hardly contain herself-

Let's play! (screams in hellish delight)

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Her collection of horror poetry: "Verses From a Deeply Darkened Mind"

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Named "Woman in Horror," four years  running- Blaze McRob's Tales or Horror 2014 - 2015 - 2016 -2017

  • Nighty Nightmare 10 - Fear12:06

  • Nighty Nightmare 3 - Superstitions10:38


  • Nighty Nightmare 1 - Horror8:36

  • Nighty Nightmare 11 - Communicating with the Dead10:18


  • Nighty Nightmare 5 - Cemeteries16:42


                                                                                          NIGHTY NIGHTMARE


                                                                                       MARY GENEVIEVE FORTIER

Award Winning Author; Published Writer of Poetry/Prose, Columnist for “Staying Scared” (Nighty Nightmare), Editor (JWK Fiction, Nocturnicorn Books and Black Bedsheet Books), Reviewer (Hellnotes and Dark Regions Press), “Terror Train Podcast” Co-Producer, Character/Creator/Performer/Dialogue Writer of “Terror,” The Disembodied Voice, as well as author of both the opening and closing poems. Audio Performer (All Better Audio/The 4077th Productions) Audio Narrator (Fortier-Schütz/Wooden Box AudioWorks). A featured guest: Viktor Aurelius’ “Whispers in the Dark”and “Zombiepalooza Radio.” Reviewed by Pippa Bailey’s “Ghoul Guides,” “Hellnotes,” “The Parlor of Horror” and reviewed and interviewed in the upcoming issues of “FEAR Magazine.” Featured poem in the audio advertisement of “Floppy Shoes Apocalypse.” Listed in the “HWA’s Reading List 2016” and “Ellen Datlow’s Long List of Honorable Mentions Volume 8.”

Featured Poet in Marge Simon's Poets Column in "The Official Horror Writer's Association Newsletter" (Volume 27-Issue 202)

 “HONORED MEMBER” in “The Worldwide Who’s Who Registry of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs.” Co-Founder of “The Saint Louis Area Horror Writers Society.”

Named, “Woman in Horror” by “Blaze McRob’s Tales of Horror,” 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Published in numerous anthologies, many of which Mary’s poetry has opened. Featured twice on the “Wicked Library Podcast” and “Hellnotes, Horror in a Hundred.”

Recently released through JWK Fiction, her personal collection of Horror Poetry, “Verses From a Deeply Darkened Mind.” This collection has been well received, given all five star reviews on Amazon.

My poetry; the cadence, the melodic metronome, the rhythm of countless words that tap relentlessly, at the slightest shift of the “quiet” and once stilled mind. Then- as a river’s rushing current, these words born of a source ever deep, flow rapid and succinct; First, a far-away whisper that becomes a blackboard of racing words behind closed eyes. Speak, and all is lost. Within the darkness, my hand, a bedsheet a stray napkin becomes the pallet to which these words form an image. So desperate to find release, they dare not slow, lest they be lost within the ethers. A story unfolds in perfect rhyme and meter-such is the poetic form. “Verses From a Deeply Darkened Mind,” is a glimpse into that darkness; the well of words that awaken me, haunt me. This haunting began at age 7-tradional poetry; images of beauty that existed somewhere I’d never been-except through the vision of my words. Today, I have been deemed, “The Modern Day Poe.” I am truly humbled by this. Countless poems and numerous anthologies later, “Verses From a Deeply Darkened Mind,” was born. Unlike your traditional collection of horror poetry, “Verses” is rather an assemblage of horror stories in poetic form. The word count of a single verse has at times,  exceeded 1,000. My pen, (black ink only) dances upon parchment, releasing the words I hear, feel and taste- to then feel weightless… Horror can be beautiful; it is the living words etched gracefully, forever on a page that make it so. Read them, listen, taste them as they fall from your whispered lips- feel the sensation of bristling at the nape of your neck, once you’ve exhaled them…slowly… “Deeply Darkened” is my mind- and I bid you entrance…



  • Nighty Nightmare 2 - Haunted Houses8:53



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